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Solving search problems using theory and innovative algorithms of enviormental analisys. Developing unique software based AI tools to allow quicker, more accurate automatic search of big data streams of photo, video and audio from different users and sources.



S-CAMERA – social media product. Search, share and find targeted content from Video, Audio and Photo in a click. Mobile APP multi automatic (algorithm IP – special signature & fast cross search). The user enjoys a fast and precise search from both his/hers private and public content, can create, share and automatically cross search and find pinpointed similar targeted content. It is a fun and enjoyable app, allows fast and automatic sharing and exchange of pictures, movies and recordings
One cannot find a particular event, person or place of private or public content (memories) uploaded to a web storage. So much personal data; and so little we are able to share or use in a click of a button in a secure and private way.
Using SKEINWAY, one can create share and search memories in a click. Automatic parameters on each frame of Video, audio and photos are automatically used to store, search, find and share fragmented target content shot in smartphones/camcorders – fast and accurate in real time. Skeinway is applicable to private or public content of any big data creator, such as: mobile, cloud, web and broadcast solution, including secure mechanisms.
One could search a special target, using time, distance and angle parameters and find all shared data (photo, video), find new angles of the content, friends, people and create groups with shared interests.


Security – Skeintracker – continues automatic track engine for video surveillance systems, safe cities and law enforcement agencies track easily people, objects and actions with public or mobile cameras, regardless recognition - Singapore-Israel R&D program PARTICIPANT
Real time tracking of objects and faces in one continuous solution can provide the safety age to the smart city citizens in times of unexpected terror. It is not enough to identify a suspect on time (face detection – 1st generation systems), one needs to integrate his history of moves: connections, routes, objects and cars - in one holistic solution (2nd generation tracking systems).
Currently (1st generation systems), detection and tracking of the observed object are based on AI existing algorithms, combine with operating services .A pre-requisite of such systems is face recognition (Face Detection): without it, the system can't automatically follow the observed object from one camera to another.
Endlessly numbers of cameras and ESN technologies, plus errors or lack of FD - increase in total the statistical error of automatic tracking and slowdown the operators' response. Using triangulation methods (FD of different cameras in the same area) for on-going tracking will break down with the cut of FD in one of the sources (cameras), or moving between different technologies areas.
SKEINTRACKERthe Intelligent software solution has a different approach to this problem:
The basis of its continuity and automatic tracking ability of every person or object between different cameras is provided by a system of visual observation. On top, use of external FD solutions will complete our system by identifying a suspect from bank of targets, but does not specify SKEINTRACKERS functioning.
We trace the person/object mathematical shadow and not his face or his mobile. Such solution (2nd generation of tracking systems) enjoy the following benefits:
• We can continually detect any object or person … even a dog, not limited by how many they are, simultaneous, while keeping history paths of objects in a smart way.
• We can track "relations" of any person – connection he have in present or had in the past: We can identify hidden relations between suspects and new suspects.
• Our tracking solution is independent from the back ground; we understand the object without separating him from the surroundings.
• Independence from any camera or operator technology: We make use surveillance cameras, mobile (IoS is ready) or moving video cameras. We work on top of the different ESN and their installed cameras.
• SKEINTRACKER solution can be deployed easily, centralized or de-centralized, according to different changing needs.
In practice, this means instant and precise definition of the motion path of any of the observed persons, regardless how busy the scene is, if the faces are hidden, number of people around and the direction of their movement. Same goes for objects of all kind: cars, cases, bags etc. The form of expected result: SKEINTRACKERsoftware takes a digitized video stream from multiple sources in real time and provides an interface (SDK) for demonstrating software capabilities.



Developing an unique algorithm (IP) of quick comparison of big data streams from multi sources of cameras and output of search definitions.


Video analytics has seen tremendous growth and attention for security and safety concerns.
At the same time, digital high resolution camera units started to phase out analogue camera on its merits and advantages.
However, the development of analytics lags behind hardware advances. Coupling every camera with all the analytics necessary to handle every possible ConOps is an expensive option.
CCTV surveillance camera deployment has sprung up in every cities and towns. Many of such are not supported by advanced analytics and still are manually managed.


Q-Factor LTD is a start-up established by Hezzy Pollyack. Hezzy Pollyack is Ex-Commercial counselor, entrepreneur.


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